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Book an Appointment with Andy!

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60 min -  $75

90 min -  $100

120 min -  $130


60 min -  $100

90 min -  $130

120 min -  $170

Massage appointments are available in 60, 90, and 120 minute sessions.  Modalities include Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, scar tissue release, energy balancing, and hot stone massage. 


Treatment plans, boundaries, and other considerations will be discussed before each session, but feel free to reach out at if you have any particular questions you'd like answered before scheduling an appointment.  

Office Workers

Chair Massage

Andy is also available for chair massage services.  Please contact via email at to inquire about rates and availability. 


Couples Massage Lesson

Pricing Varies, Contact to Discuss Details

Want to learn how to give good massages to your partner at home?


After an initial discussion once you arrive to determine learning goals, we will spend a previously determined amount of time together where Andy will offer guidance on the basics of massage, as well as send you home with a free gift to get you started, and recommendations on what equipment to purchase to bring the spa home!

Polyamorous relationship structures welcome! Let's figure out how I can assist you in deepening intimacy within your polycule. 

Additional add-ons include:


  • Aromatherapy workshop: A curated oil blending experience (and another gift to take home with you!) 

  • Hot stone how-to: How to use hot stones safely, as well as equipment recommendations to use hot stones at home. 

  • Lymphatic drainage facial massage: Learn how to pamper each other with this light pressure, ultra relaxing technique to help reduce fluid retention in the face and neck of your loved one.  

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