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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not addressed in our FAQ section, feel free to reach out via email at

What is your re-scheduling policy? 

The sooner we can re-schedule, the better.  I'm happy to work with you if you communicate with me, and you must email or text me to inform me of a need to reschedule or cancel.  You must contact me, in written form, at least four hours before your massage to avoid any late penalties.  

Rescheduling within 4 hours of an appointment: 

If you contact me through the methods listed above within 4 hours of your appointment, you are responsible for paying 50% of your scheduling fee for the existing appointment. 

No Show Policy: 

If you do not show up for your appointment without contacting me four hours prior, I will not be offering a refund of your scheduling fee.  If you scheduled with me after a massage and did not pay a scheduling fee, I will be sending you a payment request for the full amount of your appointment.  

What is your policy on masking? 

I am always masked (usually KN-95) when I am working, and I also still wear a mask when I am out living my life when going to the grocery store, accessing medical care, and attending gatherings of more than 5 people (which is extremely rare simply because I tend to be more introverted).  I'm also fully up to date on all recently relevant vaccines (covid, flu, monkeypox).   I'm not diagnosibly immunocompromised to my knowledge, I just don't like getting sick.  I also want to protect my clients that are immunocompromised. 

I encourage clients to mask for their own well-being, but I don't require it.  

For those that do not wish to be around unmasked people at all, it is my duty to let you know that I rent an office out of a yoga studio that I do not manage, and as such, I am likely the only person masking in the building.  If you'd like to know further details, feel free to email me at

Do You Only Work with LGBTQIA+ Clients? 

Anyone who believes they would benefit from my services is welcome to schedule an appointment with me, and I'll be happy to assist them. 


I have made the choice to emphasize LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in my branding because, as a queer and trans person, I am aware that often traditional wellness spaces can be unintentionally (or sometimes intentionally) hostile towards those communities, so I want it to be clear that my practice is built differently, in a way that makes room for their unique needs and situations. 

Personally, I believe that making spaces safe for LGBTIA+ people makes the space safer for everyone.  Cisgender, heterosexual men will never have to prove their masculinity to me, or have their discomfort invalidated in a therapeutic setting.  Women who are not a part of the LGBTQIA+ community will never be made to feel self-conscious for not meeting unrealistic patriarchial beauty standards.  Everyone on my table is treated as the valuable human they are, regardless of identity. 

What is This Sliding Scale? 

I care very deeply about community care, and I would like to have my business reflect my values of caring for those that need my services, while also being able to pay my bills.  I wrote a blog post explaining the green bottle sliding scale, and why I chose it

I am also currently raising money for a community care fund, which will allow me to make my work accessible to folks that would seriously benefit from accessing bodywork, but may not otherwise be able to afford it.  

I am currently building new infrastructure to help folks clarify where they fall on the sliding scale, and make my work more accessible while still honoring my own well-being.  For the moment, rest assured that my scheduling fee has been set at a reasonable level for the average consumer, and gratuities are appreciated if you feel inclined to offer them after your session, though they are never required. 

Do you offer anything besides massage and one-on-one energy work?  

I am available for chair massage by the hour, email me at to invite me to your space for my services. 

I am also currently offering a monthly virtual sound bath for the trans community (though allies are welcome to virtual offerings, just be a good community member), and I am planning a few other offerings in 2023, to be announced soon.

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