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Meet The Practitioner

Meet Andy

A bit about me:

After I quit my job as a research biologist in 2017, I have been driven to create a space for wellness that is intentionally accepting of all different types of bodies and experiences.


I understand how difficult it is to find a safe space while living through marginalizing experiences, and I know that practices like meditation, bodywork, and community connection can be vital resources for those striving towards embodiment and well-being, regardless of identity.

It is my mission to help all people feel better in their bodies, whether that's recovery from an injury, or holding compassionate space for people to receive care for their bodies and spirit, every body is welcome to receive care on my table. 

My massage practice: 


I have worked hard to understand my own trauma and how to have a good relationship with my body. I have also made my practice be a place where all people can come and feel seen and cared for in a way that is best for them.


I studied massage at Midwest Institute. I use various techniques such as swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology.


In addition to massage, I have expanded my knowledge as a wellness practitioner through the study of reiki, guided meditation, and sound healing.


I see people of all different kinds in my practice. I believe that that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and compassion.


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