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What is Transcendence? 

Join me, Andy at Triangle Wellness Collective, for a monthly virtual sound bath! The first Friday of the month from 5 to 7pm, attendees will be able to experience the healing power of sound with a live, in-person experience featuring metal singing bowls, and a few other sound healing instruments!  

This sound experience is meant for folks to access deep restoration through guided meditation, assisted by the soothing vibrations of the singing bowls.  

What is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath typically involves participants lying down in a reclined position, while the facilitator plays various instruments, in this case singing bowls, in order to assist participants in reaching a state of deep relaxation and nervous system reset.  The vibrations of the singing bowls "bathe" participants in sound, creating a deeply immersive experience that can assist in managing anxiety, soothing the nervous system, and connecting with the body in a generally positive way.  


How Do I Best Experience a Virtual Sound Bath?

A virtual sound bath offers the recipient a lot of options in recieving.  Here's some of my personal favorite ways to enhance a virtual sound bath experience: 

  • Get snuggled under the covers in bed.

  • Use headphones (those with noise cancellation are especially nice). 

  • Increase nervous system regulation with a weighted blanket or heating pad. 

  • Have a cup of herbal tea nearby

The possibilities are endless in ways you can set up your environment for maximum comfort when receiving a virtual sound bath, I encourage you to experiment and see what works for you. 

What does it mean for this to be a trauma-informed event? 

This event will be delivered with a trauma-informed lens.  Prompts to begin settling into the sound bath will be offered as invitations, empowering participants to choose how they position themselves to receive the sound bath, and are encouraged to trust their internal wisdom in knowing their needs throughout the session. 


We will also go over grounding strategies if the sound bath experience ever becomes too much, equipping participants with a bit of knowledge they can continue to use on their journey as they connect with their nervous system.  

Where do I fall on the sliding scale rate? 

I utilize the green bottle sliding scale system in the work I do, if you would like to read more about that system, please refer to my blog post on the subject. 

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