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We believe all bodies deserve to receive the care they need, and we know that it's easy to say that in theory, so we want to go into further detail about how we are actually taking steps to hold space for folks that may not otherwise feel seen in traditional wellness spaces.  

We are trauma-informed

Client safety will always be our primary concern, including emotional safety.  Before each session, we will establish boundaries of touch in detail to ensure fully informed consent, and as a general baseline practice conservative draping to ensure client comfort.  We encourage and support a client's choice in level of dress when in session, and believe treatment to always be a collaborative effort as we work together to figure out meet your needs during our time together.  We will always proceed with trustworthiness as a guiding star, and will explicitly discuss any decisions about your care we feel compelled to make.   

We also recognize that trauma can occur on a cultural & societal level, and practice humility as we continue to deepen our understanding of the human experience.  

We are fat-positive

We want our space to be a place of rest and rejuvenation for fat people, too.  We have table extenders, as well as other various bolsters available to support client comfort.  Our table currently has a working weight of 550 lbs, and is 31 inches wide before table extenders.  We also believe in health at every size, and will always be focused on how we can best serve your needs, especially for those in marginalized bodies.  

We honor the experiences of people of color

We believe black lives matter, we support Land back, and we continue to prioritize growth and community in our anti-racism journey.  We continue to evaluate the cultural appropriateness of our work as we continue to educate ourselves about the ethnocultural origins of various healing practices.  

We practice sliding-scale

We believe in the power of our various massage and wellness services to facilitate healing and embodiment in our communities.  We want those that need assistance to be able to access our services, while honoring the well-being of the therapist performing the services.  Learn more about the "Green Bottle" philosophy behind our sliding scale levels.


Note: Our sliding scale system is currently being re-worked to allow greater access to those that need assistance, while supporting the well-being of the practitioner, sign up for our newletter to stay up to date.  

Let's Work Together

If you own a space or are planning an event and would like to work with us, please reach out to us at the contact points below.  

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